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Head and brain trauma are some of the most severe types of personal injuries around. Because our brains are responsible for nearly every major function of the human body, these types of traumatic injuries can have a significant impact on a person’s ability to work and enjoy their life. If you or a member of your family is the victim of a head or brain injury, seek medical attention immediately.  Afterwards, your next step should be to contact an experienced head injury lawyer to find out if you may be entitled to compensation for your loss.

The personal injury lawyers at The Sevey Law Firm are the experts in head and brain injury litigation. We understand the debilitating nature of these kinds of accidents and know how severely they can affect victims and their families. Our team of professionals knows the results of a head or brain injury go way beyond just the physical damage, as the emotional and financial implications can be enormous as well. Loss of income, family hardships, and reduced quality of life are commonly experienced after traumatic injuries such as these.

If you or someone you know has suffered head trauma due to the carelessness or negligence of others, contact us today to find out how we can help. Let us guide you through this complex legal process, negotiate with the insurance companies, and ensure you’re compensated for your current injuries as well as any others that may arise in the future.

Types of Injuries

Head and brain injuries can happen in a number of different ways, but falls and automobile accidents are by far the most common. In fact, according to the CDC, these two sources alone account for nearly half of all the incidents reported annually. With the skyrocketing number of both personal and commercial accidents being reported each year, and the increase of new drivers flocking to our already overcrowded roadways, these statistics are only going to get worse.

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Most people who become victims of head and brain injuries are due to the result of slips, trips, and falls. Even the most common everyday activities can sometimes lead to serious injuries or even death.

  • Falls from ladders, roofs, scaffolding or other elevated work areas
  • Bicycle accidents (especially those without a helmet)
  • Slips on stairs, walkways or other even surfaces
  • Tripping over wires, materials, or workplace equipment

Although these injury types may seem minor at first, they still require proper medical diagnosis and treatment to confirm there are no additional problems. There may be complications that the victim does not initially feel, or is not aware of, that could prove critical further down the road.


The second leading cause of head and brain injuries are accidents. While auto accidents are the first thing most people think of, they are many more that fall into this same realm. Others include:

  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Truck and commercial vehicle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Airplane and helicopter accidents
  • Industrial accidents involving being hit or struck by a tool, machine or other object
  • Assaults involving blunt force trauma (fights, robberies, etc.)
  • Sports injuries and concussions

Just about any type of incident involving a jolt to the head or impact with a hard object would be in this same category. In all these situations, a victim’s injuries can become severe or life-threatening if not treated right away.

While you should seek medical help first, consulting with a qualified head injury lawyer or personal injury law firm should be your next priority. The attorneys at The Sevey Law Firm know what it takes to properly document and negotiate these kinds of injury cases with insurance companies and corporate lawyers. We fight aggressively to protect our client’s rights and get them the settlements they deserve.

Your time to file a claim may be running out – don’t wait! Call or contact our office today and put a team of experienced experts in your corner.

$1,500,000 Settlement: Mild Brain Injury

Our client worked for an asphalt oil company in Ophir, California. He was sent to a refinery in the Elk Grove area to fill up two tankers. After filling the first tank he went to fill the second. He was required to walk on a one story loading dock, put down a walkway to the top of his tanker, and climb onto the tank to reach for a chain to pull the hose over to his tank. During the dangerous task he was pulled off the tanker falling 12 feet and landing on his head. Our client suffered a mild brain injury and a low back injury. We hired several experts, an accident reconstruction expert, an OSHA expert, a vocational expert and an economist. Our client was unable to return to his job. The defense argued he was comparatively at fault. Ultimately, the case settled for $1,500,000.

Symptoms of Head Injuries

The scariest part of head traumas are that victims often don’t realize anything is wrong until it’s too late. Bleeding, swelling or lack of oxygen to the brain (hypoxia) can cause significant damage that often cannot be repaired by medicines or surgery. In these cases, a person’s entire way of life can be altered to the point where 24-hour care may be necessary and they might not ever be the same again.

It’s important to recognize the symptoms of head injuries early on and treat them as soon as possible.

  • Loss of Cognitive Ability - trouble remembering what happened, making decisions or being able to think clearly
  • Sensory Deprivation - loss of touch, reduced hearing or vision problems
  • Poor Communication Skills - inability to speak clearly, express one’s thoughts or act logically
  • Emotional Changes - bouts of depression, anxiety or aggressive behavior
  • Reduced Motor Skills – Inability to move fingers, toes, mouth or lips to complete everyday tasks

If you or someone you know has experienced these kinds of symptoms, seek help immediately. If you feel these changes may be the result of a recent accident, seek the help of a competent injury law firm that specializes in these kinds of trauma cases. You may be entitled to payment for your current situation.

Choosing a Head Injury Attorney

In order to maximize the benefits you receive for your claim, be sure to hire an injury attorney with experience in this complex area of litigation. The professionals at The Sevey Law Firm understand the intricate details involved in head and brain injury cases and know what it takes to successfully win these kinds of suits.

Our highly-trained partner network of neurologists, radiologists, and other head injury specialists are dedicated to providing the proper examination, testing, and treatment needed to pursue your case. Although there’s no guarantee victims of head trauma will ever be the same following an accident, our caring team of professionals will do everything possible to assist with your healing.

In the meantime, make sure your loved one is taken care of and your family’s financial future is secure. Don’t let the burdens of extended hospital stays or expensive surgeries drain your savings and ruin your future. Contact us today and find out how to obtain compensation for your medical expenses, pain and suffering and potential loss of future income.

Don’t let time expire to file your personal injury claim. Call us now and let’s discuss how to get the process started. One of our experienced head injury lawyers will be happy to assist and help get you and your family back on the road to recovery.

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