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Although the human body is amazingly resilient, certain areas are more prone to damage than others - the neck being one of them. Just about every movement we make involves using our head in one way or another. That’s why it’s so important to maintain a healthy neck and spine in order to live a full life.

However, accidents and injuries rob many people of the ability to use their neck normally. In these situations, even the most ordinary daily activities can become excruciatingly painful events. Granted, a large number of neck injuries are relatively minor and go away on their own, but others can be life-threatening and may lead to permanent disabilities or even death.

If you or someone you know has recently experienced a neck injury, contact The Sevey Law Firm at (916) 788-7100. Our team of California personal injury attorneys are experienced in neck, spine, and back traumas and have a proven track record of achieving results.

We offer free, no-obligation consultations, and there's never a charge to work with us unless we win your case. Our firm understands the devastation neck injuries cause to both victims and their families. We work hard to ensure our client’s rights are protected and fight for the maximum possible compensation in each case.

Common Causes of Neck Injuries

While some might think of catastrophic accidents as the main source of neck injuries, this is not always the case. Victims can suffer damages while performing everyday activities or from medical illnesses as well. No matter how it happens, neck trauma is a serious issue and can cause a lifetime of pain and suffering if not properly treated.

Here are some of the most common sources of neck pain:

Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Bicycle or Pedestrian accidents - account for a large portion of the neck injuries (such as whiplash) reported each year.

Workplace Accidents - slips, falls, being struck by an object, equipment or machinery accidents.

Improper Ergonomics - prolonged periods of standing, sitting or typing in the wrong positions can lead to neck pain.

Sports Injuries - any contact sport where the head or neck are vulnerable can cause problems.

Falls - slippery floors, uneven surfaces, stairways, or working from a ladder or heights.

Electrical Shocks - although there may be no signs of physical damage present, electrical current can wreak havoc on the sensitive nerve fibers that run along the spine. This type of injury can lead to prolonged pain and possible mobility issues.

Violent Crime - shootings, stabbings or physical abuse can cause a host of problems in the victim.

Natural Causes - tumors, cancers, or other unforeseen illnesses.

It’s important to get medical help first when experiencing neck or spine pain. However, consulting with a qualified personal injury law firm is always a good idea afterward. If your injuries are due to the fault or negligence of someone else, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses.

Types of Neck Injuries

People can experience a number of different types of neck injuries after an accident. While some are minor and heal with rest or therapy, others may require complicated surgeries to repair the damages. Neck surgeries can be very expensive and usually require long recovery periods afterward.

Whiplash - one of the most commonly seen injuries. Whiplash happens when a person’s head is violently thrown backward and then immediately forward again (as in the case of an auto accident). This movement pattern damages the soft tissues of the neck and is often associated with other spine or back trauma such as strains, sprains or disk injuries.

Many whiplash victims report having weakness, numbness, stiffness, dizziness or a tingling sensation that runs down the length of the arm. They also sometimes experience upper back and shoulder pain also because of the many nerve fibers in the neck area.

Concussions or Contusions - If a whiplash injury is severe enough, the brain itself can be harmed. Violent movements may cause the brain to slam back and forth in the skull cavity and lead to bruising, bleeding or swelling.

Concussions are common in sports injuries also and exhibit many of the same symptoms as whiplash. Additionally, victims may have further issues involving movement, speech or memory functions.

Sprains and Strains - there are a number of different muscles, ligaments, and bones that work in unison to help support the head. An injury to the neck can easily sprain or strain these delicate muscles and ligaments.

Spinal Fractures and Herniated Discs - the tremendous forces involved in certain neck injuries can fracture, dislocate or rupture discs or spinal vertebrae.

SCI (Spinal Cord Injuries) - one of the worst types of neck traumas are spinal cord injuries. SCIs can affect everything from speech, movement, and coordination to bladder/bowel control and sexual function.

Spinal cord injuries are expensive to treat and sometimes lead to long-term disabilities including partial or complete paralysis.

Compensation for Neck Injuries

Problems with your neck or spine are seldom isolated incidents. Once someone has a serious neck injury, their chances of complications or aggravating their condition again are greatly enhanced. That’s why any settlement in these types of cases needs to include long-term costs - not just the initial ER or surgery visit.

A qualified neck injury lawyer can help you determine what these kinds of expenses might me and build a strong case accordingly. Some things to keep in mind when filing suit are:

Initial Medical Bills - emergency room visits, X-Rays, MRIs, CT scans, surgeries, etc.

Ongoing or Future Medical Expenses - follow up exams, additional surgeries, medications, special medical devices or accommodations.

Pain and Suffering - both physical and mental anguish are entitled to compensation.

Lost Wages and Future Income Potential - any missed time from work or reduction in future earnings can also be claimed. A team of doctors, lawyers, and actuaries normally work together to determine this number.

Physical Therapy - costs involved with rehabilitative care or devices are also eligible for compensation.

Loss of Companionship or Consortium - missing out on love or intimacy because of your injury may be claimed as well.

With so much riding on the outcome of your case, it’s important to work with a law firm that specializes in neck injuries in order to maximize your results. Look for firms who have experience in this area and maintain a large network of resources to attack your case from every angle.

Choosing a Neck Injury Attorney

Thousands of Northern California Injury victims have put their trust in The Sevey Law Firm - and with good reason. Their compassion for victims and their families, large pool of investigative specialists and proven track record of success speak for themselves.

Our experienced attorneys understand the complex issues surrounding neck injury litigation and know how to build a strong case that gets results. If you or someone you know has suffered a neck accident due to the negligence of others, contact us today for your free, no-obligation consultation.

Staff are available to answer any questions you may have, and remember, there’s never a fee involved unless we win your case. For yourself, your future, and your family, call us today.

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