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What Do Personal Injury Lawyers Do?

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You've barely made it out of the emergency room after your accident, and all of a sudden you're inundated with medical bills, accident reports, and requests from insurance companies. You probably feel completely overwhelmed with it all, and might not know what to do next, or who you should talk to at the insurance company. What you want is to have your life back the way things were before the accident happened. You're considering hiring a personal injury attorney, but you're unsure of the process, and you wonder how they can help put all of this behind you.

The term “personal injury” encompasses a wide practice of law that aims to represent those who have been injured by the carelessness or negligence of another person or business. Personal injury cases can include things like auto accidents, dog bites, slip and fall accidents, or accidents caused by manufacturer’s defects.

Negligence or inattention can cause permanent, debilitating injuries to accident victims. Only someone who has experienced this can truly appreciate how your life completely changes after an accident. Your mobility is compromised, your personality may change, your job may suffer, and of course, because of financial stress, your relationships with those you love may be strained. Many victims who suffer injuries due to the negligence of another never fully recover physically or financially. At The Sevey Law Firm, we focus our full attention and energy on getting you back the life you lived before your accident happened, to the very best of our ability.

We work with personal injury victims every day, and we are experts at personal injury law. We know exactly how to deal with insurance company adjustors, and can help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries, time off work, medical expenses, and property damage. While we can’t stop accidents from happening, we can help you get back on your feet financially so that you can concentrate on healing from your injuries.

Personal injury cases can become complicated rather quickly. You have claims against the at-fault party who caused the accident that caused your injuries. With this claim comes numerous details that must be given the proper attention. There is a specific legal process to be followed that you may know nothing about. And why would you? You’re not an attorney, you’re just the victim who got hurt.

You can recover compensation for several different things relating to your accident, including medical treatments for accident-related injuries, lost income due to not being able to work while you recover, pain and suffering, mental stress, etc. One thing is certain - the insurance company will try to "low-ball" what they offer you regarding compensation, and that's when it pays to have an expert personal injury attorney on your side.

Why is it so important to have an experienced and skilled personal injury lawyer representing you and your claim? Here is a list of various benefits of hiring a personal injury attorney that has the potential to make an immense difference in the outcome of your case.

Personal Injury Attorneys:

  •   Have a distinct set of skills and knowledge that help them recover compensation for their clients. They'll be able to assess your claim from the very beginning to let you know whether or not you should even pursue legal action. This is a valuable resource to you because if you aren't likely to win your case, you save time and money in legal expenses.
  •    Usually, work on what is called a contingency fee. A contingency fee means that if the attorney does not recover compensation for you, they do not get paid. You do not pay them out of your own pocket or have to pay to keep them on retainer. Their fees are paid as a percentage of the compensation they're able to recover for you. So you can see that obtaining the most compensation that they can for your injuries also benefits them. This also means that if they are unable to recover compensation for you, you owe them nothing.
  •    Are adept at following complicated legal procedures, deciphering confusing medical terms, and handling the enormous amount of paperwork that comes with a personal injury case. Your attorney will be able to help you fill out all the paperwork, and obtain all of the medical records and other documents that you’ll need for your claim.
  •    Work with an investigative team with experience in the specialized areas that pertain to your particular accident. This team will examine the technical details of your claim, and will likely ask you to provide information regarding your injuries.
  •   Can objectively assess and handle your case, whereas you are much more likely to become emotional because of the pain, anger, frustration, and fear that you are feeling about your accident, your injuries, and the security of your future. Your attorney can advise you when to accept a settlement, and when to wait for a better offer, when you may be tempted to take the first offer that is given.
  •    Know when to go to trial and when to attempt to avoid a lengthy and complicated trial by utilizing other dispute resolution methods, such as mediation or arbitration.
  •   Are familiar with other lawyers and may be more effective in communicating with them when it comes to fact-finding and collection of evidence.
  •   Have extensive experience in dealing with insurance companies and their adjustors and are far less likely to be manipulated by scare tactics or pressure. Your lawyer has been through this before, many times, and they know the tricks the insurance adjustors play to attempt to settle for less than a fair settlement to you.
  •   Are aware that most accident cases are resolved outside of court via a negotiated settlement, and they’ll attempt to negotiate the best and quickest settlement that they can. But if the case must go to trial, their courtroom experience will be vital in winning your case.

If you've been injured in an accident that wasn't your fault, the attorneys at The Sevey Law Firm invite you to come in for a free, confidential consultation. We'll assess your case and give you an estimate of the compensation you may qualify for based on our extensive personal injury law experience. Call us at (916) 788-7100 or contact us on our website.

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